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Southern Exterior Services LLC: #1 in Roofing & Siding in Houma & Surrounding Areas

With years of industry experience, Southern Exterior Services LLC is the premier roofing company in Houma and the surrounding areas. Whether you need a new roof, or siding installation, we have the expertise and the passion to get the job done right. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has made us the top choice as a roofing company for homeowners in Houma.

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Don’t Let Wind Damage Ruin Your Roof!

Living in Houma, we understand the challenges that extreme weather conditions can bring. Wind damage is a common issue that can compromise the integrity of your roof, leading to leaks and other problems. As the top Houma roofing company, we offer comprehensive roofing services to address any wind damage promptly and efficiently. Our skilled roofers will inspect your roof, identify any issues, and provide you with the best solutions to ensure your home remains safe and protected.

Southern Exterior Services LLC is experienced in handling all types of wind damage, from minor shingle repairs to complete roof replacements. We use high-quality materials and proven techniques to restore your roof to its optimal condition. Don't let wind damage disrupt your life - contact us today at 985-518-4059 for a thorough inspection and prompt repair services.

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Renovate Your Exteriors Today!

Choose the Right Siding That Will Make a Difference to Your Home’s Curb Appeal & Value

The right siding can significantly enhance your home's curb appeal and increase its value. At Southern Exterior Services LLC, we offer a wide range of siding options to suit your style and budget. Our expert installers are skilled in working with various materials, ensuring a perfect fit and finish for your home.

We understand that every home is unique, and we take the time to help you choose the siding that best complements your home's architecture and your personal preferences. Our goal is to provide you with siding that not only looks great but also offers superior protection against the elements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Southern Exterior Services LLC, we specialize in installing high-quality siding that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. We are proud to be an elite preferred James Hardie siding installer, offering the best in fiber cement siding. James Hardie siding is known for its exceptional durability, resistance to harsh weather conditions, and low maintenance requirements. It is available in a variety of colors and textures, allowing you to customize the look of your home.

In addition to James Hardie siding, we are also certified with CertainTeed for vinyl siding. CertainTeed vinyl siding is a popular choice due to its affordability, versatility, and ease of maintenance. It is available in a wide range of colors and styles, making it easy to find the perfect match for your home.

Determining whether you need a roof replacement or a roof repair can be challenging. However, as an experienced roofing company, we are here to help you make the right decision. There are several factors to consider when assessing your roof's condition:

  • Age of the Roof: Most roofs last between 20 to 25 years. If your roof is nearing this age, it may be time for a replacement.
  • Extent of Damage: Minor damage, such as a few missing shingles, can usually be repaired. However, extensive damage, especially if it affects the structural integrity of the roof, may require a replacement.
  • Leaks: Frequent leaks or widespread water damage are indicators that a roof replacement might be necessary.
  • Sagging: If your roof is sagging, it’s a clear sign that there are significant structural issues that need to be addressed through a replacement.

Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your roof and provide you with an honest assessment. We will discuss your options and help you choose the best solution for your home.

James Hardie siding is a preferred choice for homeowners because of its many benefits. It offers exceptional durability, resisting extreme weather, rot, pests, and fire. The siding requires low maintenance, retaining its color and appearance for years without frequent painting or staining. It also boasts aesthetic appeal, available in various colors and textures to mimic wood, stucco, and other materials. Additionally, James Hardie siding can increase a home's resale value due to its longevity and minimal upkeep. Lastly, it is an environmentally friendly option made from sustainable materials.

Yes, Southern Exterior Services LLC is not only a top-tier roofing company, but we also offer professional window replacement services. Old, drafty windows can significantly impact your home's energy efficiency and comfort. Our team can help you choose new, energy-efficient windows that enhance your home's appearance and performance.

We offer a variety of window styles and materials to suit your needs and preferences. Our expert installers ensure that your new windows are properly fitted and sealed, providing you with improved insulation and reduced energy costs.

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